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In our rapid paced lives we think little about the world around us. However, only we are responsible for how the world sees our children. Our task is to protect nature and conserve its riches.


Under the wing of our company has gathered highly skilled professionals from various industries. It is – scientists, researchers, engineers, biologists, hydrologists, technicians, and, of course, the pilots. We all share the important task to preserve the unique natural potential of our country. The aircrew has a great touch on many aircraft types, was training to fly in difficult conditions and has a tolerance for various types of aerial works. All technicians are trained in specialized centers, constantly undergo training and pass tests to confirm their qualifications. Engineering and scientific staff has many years of experience of scientific work in different research institutes connected with the protection of natural resources.


To solve this problem, our company has a large fleet of aircraft. The basis of the Park serve as a Cessna 172, and Maule M5-235. The choice for these types of aircraft fell, based on the characteristics of the aircraft, and also operating experience of these aircraft for environmental monitoring worldwide for many years.


Nowadays protection of the environment comes to the fore. Consequences of insufficient attention to the problem can be catastrophic. Among the main problems a special place is occupied by the problem of ecological safety of the country. National security is having an increasing impact on the health and wellbeing of the population and the economic development of all sectors of the economy. Environmental protection is not a regional but a global problem, because all nature is interconnected. Due to the rapid growth of environmental pollution and widespread food shortages may be a significant reduction in the population of the globe. Ecology covers a very wide range of issues and requires an optimal interaction in the system “man – environment”. We develop measures aimed at the rational use, reproduction and protection of natural resources, protecting the natural environment from pollution and destruction for the benefit of present and future generations, a permanent attraction of public attention to the issues of pollution prevention soil conservation water conservation and protective functions of forests, conservation and reproduction of flora and fauna.

Russia occupies a vast territory and can boast some truly fabulous wealth. Respect for the riches of the earth and its mineral resources, the environment, protection and rational complex usage of these resources in the interest of all people is the immutable law of society. Our company is committed to pay attention to the issues of environmental protection, to enhance its role in environmental control.