The area of the Russian Federation is 17.1 million km2, plus the sea area of the exclusive economic zone of the state. We see significant demand for the services of monitoring from both private companies and government customers.

To close the need in the monitoring areas, as well as support of the current activities of the customers at a regional level the industry is capable of small aircraft. Aerial surveillance is one of the most effective ways to collect data.

As the first region for the start of operations of the business, «Aviapatrol» we chose the far Eastern Federal District with locations in Khabarovsk and on Sakhalin.

Environmental activities
Aerial surveillance to determine illegal formation of landfills and environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is one of the most important problems in our time. Every year grows the volume of waste, including toxic. All wastes are a threat to the environment, many of them hazardous to human health since they contain dyes, solvents, detergents, medicines, mercury, etc.

Monitoring of forest, steppe and mountain ranges to determine the number of animals and migration routes

Protection of old-growth forests, combating illegal logging, as well as the determination of the number of animals and their migration routes required the most urgent and impartial information about forests. The sources of such information are very few. In the circumstances, the aerial footage was the most affordable and popular type of information.

Forest protection and Conservation activities
Aerial surveillance of sea surfaces to take account of marine species

Scientists ascertain — many species of plants, animals, birds and insects disappear from the face of our planet 1,000 times faster than the natural level. This means that for every day lost from 10 to 130 species. To date, more than 40% of all living species on Earth are threatened with extinction. This applies to marine life. Therefore, to protect marine mammals from disturbance of their use and need aerial surveillance of sea surfaces.

Aerial surveillance of forests to detect fires and prevent fires

One way to detect forest fires is aerial surveillance. During air patrols apply methods of visual observation, and in the conditions of insufficient visibility – equipment, trapping infrared radiation, registered the fire or indicate the contours of a forest fire in the area of heavy smoke. Well proven portable loudspeaker stations (CCDs) used on aircraft.

Aerial surveillance of waterways to accommodate spawning fish species.

In connection with increasing human needs for food, improved methods and fishing gear, with the deterioration of the ecological status of many waters, fish stocks have decreased significantly and continue to decrease. Therefore under the special protection of spawning aggregations of fish and wintering it in the rivers. Forbidden space are established in estuarine areas and against the mouth of the rivers. Spawning fish are protected zones and are under strict protection.

Economic activity on the level of Federal districts and subjects of Federation

Monitoring of snow depth in different areas and thickness of ice on water bodies with the aim of determining the optimal locations of blasting chunks of ice, flood prevention and forecasting of floods.

The collection and processing of statistical data

Development of scientific methods to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the studies and the construction of mathematical models aiming at the implementation of automatic control in the future. As one of the main challenges is the acquisition and storage of information, the generation of forecasts, evaluation of their reliability, etc, none of these objectives is attainable without processing.